About Fun & Functional


The Fun & Functional behavioral approach was developed by Dr. TJ Glahn over 35 years ago, in Santa Barbara, California.  While developing a school for young children with autism, it became apparent that the children are more engaged, and learn more rapidly when they are having fun.  In using such methods, the individual is provided with fundamental learning skills that can be sustained in natural settings, such as one's home, family, school, and community . Fun & Functional strategies have been utilized  nationally, and internationally across multiple settings. These strategies are employed with children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with ASD, and other related disorders. 

Learning is attributed to multiple factors:


  • Applying evidence-based naturalistic intervention 
  • Enhancing motivation by incorporating the individual's preferences
  • Encouring parents to be continuosly and actively involved
  • Training and teaching staff regularly
  • Implementing ABA & ACT behavioral strategies by knowledgeable interventionists, in a compassionate manner